Nikola Tesla And
The Mysterious Tesla Inventions

Modern ahead of their time scientific electronic inventions surrounded this man but no one would take notice, except those who didn't want him to succeed, until it was too late!

The Tesla Effect was first seen in 1888. At that time Direct Current electricity was just starting to be used to power industry and electric motor companies were springing up all over. One of the biggest was owned by Thomas Edison, but they all suffered from over heating and poor overall efficiency.

Tesla on his own, had already solved this problem and showed everyone his very high efficiency, cool running light weight electric motor. It was everything they wanted and exactly what we use today, but this was 1888 and his motor ran on Alternating Current (like today) which was said to be completely unusable by Edison himself.

No one was interested in Tesla and his motor except Edison's bankers who worried if Tesla was right, then AC could put them all out of business.
They had far way too much money invested to let this happen. They had to make perfectly sure it didn't!

In 1893 Tesla, along with George Westinghouse, again sent shockwaves through the Edison bankers by supplying all the electrical power, AC power of course, for the World Trade Fair and doing it all at a cost below what the Edison company had bid.

This later paved the way for a Tesla designed AC power grid in the US. Very few know the power grid is a Tesla design.

The effect was seen again in 1898
When Tesla demonstrated his radio controlled boat.

Only problem was the year was 1898 and no one had seen a radio controlled anything before.

Tesla was doing what no one else could do. He was controlling a boat with a radio receiver in it, by using a small transmitter on the shore.

He could control the direction, change the speed and turn on and off running lights. All by radio remote control and all quicky swept under the rug.

This was before Marconi sent any radio signals, yet somehow Marconi is given credit for radio and Tesla was silenced.

How To Build Once Secret Tesla Devices

Nikola Tesla And His Tesla Secret Inventions Revealed

Nikola Tesla was one of the most brilliant people of his time, right along with Albert Einstein.

Tesla actually designed and built working examples of his ideas, some of which were ahead of his time and because WW2 was starting, the government marked all his notes, drawings and papers "classified" and locked them in a vault.

Enough information has been "leaked" that we now know some of these papers involved anti gravity machines "lifters" and ultra high efficiency bladeless turbines.

What high voltage anti gravity force did Tesla discover and later prove at his lab in Colorado Springs?
ANSWER "Classified and locked"

Was Tesla really developing particle beam weapons?
ANSWER "Classified and locked"

Did Tesla develop a way to transmit and distribute free high voltage electrical power without wires?
ANSWER "Classified and locked" (but leaked)

It's not over yet. Nikola Tesla will begin to get more and more credit for his inventions and discoveries as more of his papers are de-classified or leaked. Tesla may not be around any longer but I'll bet he still has plenty of surprises in store.

  **Some Of The Information That Was Held Back**
The Tesla Free Power Device - Energy By Tesla

Tesla Device Videos:

Make Your Own Lifter Video

Tesla Bladeless Turbine Video


Locked away in government vaults is a Tesla secret that's finally being revealed

We now know that the most powerful and most efficient method of producing naturally clean free electricity was invented in 1901 by Nikola Tesla. As you know big business got wind of Tesla's invention and shut him down because it would be free to all and that would kill their business of charging high rates for their electricity.

Here's a website that is dedicated to bringing back Tesla's idea of free power for all. Will it get shut down too? Only time will tell. Click the link below and find out before it's gone