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Testing components properly is an essential basic electronic skill. A sensitive FET or a microwave mixer diode and many IC's can be damaged by just an ohm meter.

If you are going to doing electronic repair, then knowing the correct way to test individual electronic components will be very important to you.

        Testing Electronic Components
This Hard To Find Electronic Repair Book Is By Renowned Electronics Repair Expert Jestine Yong!

Computer Repair
Laptops are still mainstream and they are used by almost everyone. Today there many needing repair.

You could be earning money right now by repairing laptops!

Computer Repair Continues Here

CHECK THESE...   Basic Electronics Theory With Projects and Experiments

      Adventures from the Technology Underground including Tesla Coils
Nikola Tesla    If you have ever heard of Nikola Tesla you might know about his long involvement with getting Alternating Current and Wireless Electricity accepted as practical, but you may not have heard about and his battles with Thomas Edison and the Edison Company who built Direct Current equiptment and wanted direct current used as the worlds power standard.
I've written a book about Nikola Tesla and it's available now at Amazon Books.

This is a quick book about a misunderstood scientist living in the early days of electricity.

A man never credited with inventions we now use everyday.

A man who was a victim of smear campaigns ran by the big electric corporation of the time.

Also a man who cared about helping people.

Download A Copy For Yourself, right now for only 0.99 cents.

On March 17, 2014 CNN reports "Wireless Electricity? It's here!" In the home of the future, wireless energy will be as common as Wi-Fi Internet. Given that Tesla and others realized all this over a hundred years ago, why has it taken so long?